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Scrum Master Training

The Scrum Master is the servant leader of the team. They ensure that the team lives agile values and principles while also following Scrum practices - by clearing impediments and blockers they enable the team to deliver ...Find out more

Business Analyst Training

Business Analysts (BA) support Product Owners with analysis, addressing customers’ needs and facilitating pressing dialogues. Our course teaches you how BA’s support the Scrum team by utilising the process of empiric...Find out more

Product Owner Training

Product Owners play a vital role in a scrum team - bridging business strategy and product execution, helping the Scrum Team create valuable products. This course is ideal for those seeking well-paying careers that involv...Find out more
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Learn the fundamentals of Scrum & Agile Methodologies with our interactive, hands-on workshops.
Virtual & Classroom Based Training
You can join us in person to learn, or virtually. We provide the options of both classroom and online training - meaning you can join us from anywhere in the world.
Support & Mentorship
You have the option to be get assigned a qualified mentor that will provide continuous support before, during and after your new career. So you’re never on your own
Exam Prep & CV Support
Our trainers will go over mock tests and prep you for upcoming exams to get your qualification. We also guide you on writing your CV to help you with job applications. 
Gain an internationally Recognised certification 
Training is delivered by qualified Scrum Masters with many years of experience. We provide you with the knowledge to achieve an internationally recognised certification to help you accomplish your dream role.
Practical hands on work experience provided
As part of your training you will be assigned to a real live project where you will experience what it is like to be a part of a team and implement all that you’re learning.
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"The hard work paid off"
- Sarah
"Lokem changed my life"
- Danielle
"I got multiple job offers"
- Jack

Their E-Learning platform is amazing!

Before I joined Lokem, I didn’t know what Scrum was. I attended the two-day training with Bisi and Aminat, which was very informative and engaging! From feeling lost at the start to feeling confident - the training I received allowed me to begin my journey on becoming a Scrum Master with ease!

If you’re thinking of getting into Scrum Master training, I would highly recommend Lokem. I chose this company because they provide so much useful information, especially the reality of work life. I also got to work on live projects and do work experience.

I’ve been using the online platform for about 4 months now, and I can honestly say that it has allowed me to develop my skill set and knowledge. I also love the fact that Lokem offers continuous development for all their students - which means we get training and mentoring by their Agile coaches and experienced professionals.

I would definitely recommend Lokem to anyone looking for a career change and wanting the right support. A career in Scrum is rewarding, interesting and pays well!

Sarah O

Thank you Lokem, for helping me get the Scrum job!

Lokem’s training courses exceeded my expectations. I was really impressed by the level of experience that I got during my time with them. The community was so supportive - they helped me grow and learn what I wanted to do with my career. My mentor, Femi, helped me every step of the way, giving me a clear road map to my career path in Scrum.

My work experience at Lokem was way more immersive and relevant to the current market than my previous training provider, which has been very helpful for me in my new role.

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